Philanthor – Where Anyone Can Be A Philanthropist

Lots of people dream of changing the world, of making it a much better place. But many of them lack the opportunity or the courage to take a life-changing step to become a philathropist. Philanthor is puting a philanthrophy foundation on a blockchain, so everyone gets to pursue the dream of contributing to the greater good.

Philantropic missions always come from the goodness of one’s heart, and we can only be thankful that such non-profit organizations exist to help individuals and communities achieve their goals and lead better lives. But sadly for these organizations, there is no easy and effective means for them to monitor their donations, much more the impact their donations have. Traditional philanthropy doesn’t work that way. It is far less capable of building trust because transactions are not made visible. To get reports, one needs to go through paperwork which can be easily altered and can take a long time to product. In many instances, donors do not get the real picture their donations.

This is one reason why Philanthor founders thought of putting a philanthropic foundation on a blockchain. The technology behind blockchain will ensure utmost transparency, thus allowing philanthropists to monitor the status of their donations, from beginning to end. It will all be very transparent. Donors will be able to track down their money, see where it is going, or if it’s landing into the right hands at at all. Results can be seen in real time without the need for intermediaries. The blockchain technology behind Philanthor will effectively take care of trust issues and measure the impact of the donations, things that have so plagued traditional philanthropic foundations.

And it’s not just that, the platform will encourage the use of cryptocurrencies, as well, thereby reducing transactions costs that are largely influenced by the presence of intermediaries. Without these intermediaries, transaction costs will be significantly reduced. The platform also seeks to make philanthropy available worldwide, which is not a far-fetched dream, given the nature of the technology.

Token Sale

Philanthor is raising donations via a token sale. Donors need only to create a profile on the Philanthor platform and indicate their chosen cause, be it scholarship, grant, charity, or the like. In exchange for their donations, donors willl be issued PTH tokens (these are tokens that run in the Philanthor ecosystem). The token sale will be conducted in two phases, the first one, the Pre-sale Event, will run between June and September 2018, while the second phase, the Public Crowd Sale, will begin in October 2018.

Donors as Token Holders

One big edge Philanthor has over traditional philanthropic platforms is that its donors become token holders at the same time. As such, donors will be able to voice out their opinion, engage the community, and have a say in the causes to be supported by Philanthor. Yes, we do know that giving from the goodness of your heart is in itself already a rewarding experience, but Philanthor is giving you that and a lot more by letting your voice be heard and counted as well.

Token holders can also choose to donate their tokens back to the program of their choice, and the organization, in turn, can sell the tokens to generate fresh funds again.

Later, token holders will also benefit by participating in the platform’s marketplace. Philanthor will invite, and consequently reward CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) donors to donate their goods and services and then allow these goods and services to be exchanged with PTH tokens.

So how does Philanthor select the beneficiaries? First of all, beneficiaries will have to go through a KYC verification and video interview. The data will be processed and analyzed using smart contracts, and a shortlist will then be generated. The final selection will be done by human beings, this time, the committee members themselves.

Token Details:

Token: PTH

PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 15,000 PTH

Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 PTH

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH

Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

Country: USA

For more information, visit the following pages:

Author: Tejo_surty

Eth Address: 0xF9BC056454948A5D645c86708243A9C7d9578334

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