The ecumenical currency pattern known as the ecological framework has evolved into a phase where blockchain
innovation has taken the penultimate position as the main driver. The current situation enhances developing
innovation, for example, blockchain innovation, progress in fintech, proficient, fast, anchored, reliable and
support for minimal support exchanges and the use of cryptographic currencies by the majority. This is the right
time for the currency industry that is suitable for understanding the rush of progress as a way forward.
KitToken as “Natural Profit-Sharing Utility Sharing”, is
decided to build a thorough biological community currency in the light of blockchain innovation. KitToken uses price exchange conventions to complete installment exchanges starting with one individual then to the next on the distributed premise. This also applies to building a decentralized stage to achieve a faster and sharper exchange rate. The current installment framework has a size of considerable loss that must be refreshed and then KitToken clears the path for various installments that are computerized inventive.

Imaginary technology, straightforward exchanges and anchors make KitToken the best environmental

framework. KitToken also provides arrangements for price valuation by holders through ecumenical open
exchanges and interest to use tokens. The KitToken avoids many middle-aged people in exchanging outside
shops and cross-border installation specialists which limits the path of entry of the ecumenical blockchain
through the decentralized ecumenical installment phase of KitToken. Our KitToken framework is specific that
allows individuals to make out-of-edge installments quickly and safely.
The candor and security based on advertising are the things we provide. The KitPay stage is really
straightforward that records installments and swaps the stage. We specifically have a SHA-256 durability code
and eccentric status sent that can ensure additional fast and safe delivery. The birth and start phases of
KitToken are being maintained and upheld by leading blockchain innovations and led by visionary experts.

Our destination:
To create a network of KitToken clients worldwide that execute KIT as a payment method using KitPay

What is KitToken
KitToken is a money framework that supervises itself with P2P exchanges in the view of the open source stage called KitPay

How does KitPay work?
KitPay fills as a server that is included in the decentralized blockchain framework associated with settings. KitPay will allow clients to have a wallet that stores, exchanges and exchanges KitToken on every day of worldly monetary training. The KitToken holder benefits from additional usage and valuation for KitToken prices. Finally, by people from the Point of Stake (POS) Scheme, KitToken holders get a share of the profits from KitToken Inc.’s business training.

Innovation Platform
KitToken and KitPay are created on the Ethereum blockchain (Token ERC20) and run on the Ethereum fundamental hub.


  • 1 – 10 August 2018 (ICO phase 1)
  • KitToken Bonus: 30%
  • 11-20 August 2018 (ICO phase 2)
  • KitToken Bonus: 20%
  • Soft Cap: $ 5 Million USD
  • Hard Cap: $ 175 Million USD
  • Minimum contribution: 0.2 ETH or $ 100
  • * Refer people to buy KitTokens and get a 5% referral bonus

Pre-operating and operating costs = $ 2.5 million USD
Travel Agent = $ 4.25 million USD
100 Laundromats = $ 5 million USD
Petroleum bunkering = $ 10 million USD
Center for neuroscience = $ 127.5 million USD
Kitpay trader integration = $ 25.5 million USD
Higher education program = $ 75 million USD
Cellular outlets = $ 5 million USD

please also watch our promotional videos under 1,2,3 and 4

also how to buy kittoken

Also keep in mind that our gift program is currently running
hurry up and join the campaign and get prizes with kittoken.
In addition, visit the special link below to get involved with token offers including team members.

For More Information:

Author: Tejo_surty

Eth Address: 0xF9BC056454948A5D645c86708243A9C7d9578334

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