Hello my dear and beloved friends. That’s already a night in the yard, and I am writing this post. Do you want to make money or not? Tell me straight , stop sitting around and sitting on your pants. It’s time to act, your investment will help you in the future. Wonderful man Eugene Kulikov, started a cool crypto idea . You ask me who he is, and you look in the Internet and very devicesa. He is a great and powerful financier, musician, band leader and investor. And he has already created a sensation in this sphere. He is very cool and it’s not a joke. In the short term could involve in the project more than $8 million. And this is not the limit, soon there will be even more millions. Well? You watch everything and don’t invest in the project? And this is in vain , there is very little time left and you lose potential profits. Well, not much of a story you want to hear? And so go
Modern technological solutions mainly solve narrow problems, thus ensuring the development of the segment segment. It is obvious that there are no serious integrated solutions on the market. For blockchain platforms, these are basically platforms that allow users to create their own electronic cash assets – blockchain tokens and trade them on the exchange, thereby attracting investments.

In the enhanced version, in addition to the release of digital assets, Finance the decentralized community additional community regulation functions, vote and transmit encrypted messages.

From a practical point of view, these platforms and properties do not have many functions.

Therefore, the integrated BILLCRYPT pl system will become an indispensable environment for creating a Blockchain representation and will be extremely useful for business, investors and ordinary users. A marker BILLCRYPT has a strong opportunity to reach the highest position in the ranking of electronic money.

Because the infrastructure is too complex to use and is rarely used in everyday life, it forces users to regularly convert the token to fiat currency and Vice versa. This creates additional complexity and instability throughout the system. For so-called registered blockchain platforms, they are used in the areas of legal registration, logistics, social insurance, education, medicine, product quality control, but they are often self-referenced. center and are not integrated with other blockchain.

Currently, developers are actively involved in the creation of open code, it will help to exchange digital assets and electronic money between the blockchain. It also confirms the fact that the potential of blockchain technology has not yet been fully disclosed. As we can see, existing platforms exist in complex, unstructured environments and do not have any formal integrated platform solutions.

The development of the Blockchain era is approaching the threshold
decentralized technologies in everyday life.

We are proud to announce that we are the first and only to have proposed the concept
Universal daily use of the blockchain.

Platform Billcrypt pl will make the blockchain needed literally everything.

We have introduced new concepts:

BR – blockchain View
ViP-Part of the virtual image (part of the virtual image)
Ivo-initial VIP offer
It is currently very difficult to determine
reliability of information about any object or subject, whether it is a company or a specialist in Russia
any field or product. This creates difficulties in decision-making.
For many years of work in the field of investment, we also often faced the problem of financing
perspective and even breakthrough companies.

As a rule, the reasons were complex and lengthy decision-making process, excessive
administration of potential institutional investors. Even with the advent of the possibility of Russia
attracting investments in the crypto-market, the problem of trust remains extremely urgent.

We, as professionals with years of experience, understand because we have to wear
comprehensive painstaking work on the evaluation of potential projects does not always have
trust in reliable information, even if the business is already running.

Find among the many projects real, worthy not only of attention, but also real investment,
You should be able to find such promising projects and spend effort, money and a lot of time.

Blockchain allows you to implement the principle of supporting the absolute reliability of data without
participation of any human factors.

Therefore, we decided to create a platform – blockchain add-on system that will solve these issues
problems with conceptual approaches, technologies and functionality.

Road map

The emergence of the idea of creating a single multifunctional blockchain platform for existing enterprises, investment projects and investors.

Two thousand seventeen
Conceptual formation; technology, tasks, solutions.

2nd quarter of 2018
Development of projects, economic systems and security systems; Discussion and signing of agreements with project partners, current members of the investment group; Write smart contracts for the BILLCRYPT token; Preparation for closing before the sale; June 27, billcrypt (trial version) began; Start accepting sales orders before closing, price 1BILC = $ 0.5

3rd quarter of 2018
Temporary tests; Continue to develop projects, economic systems and security systems; 08.08.2018 issued BILLCRYPT – issue of 152,000, 000 BILC Pre-sale: 1BILC price = $ 0,5 Minimum for the purchase of 10,000 BILC = a $ 5,000 Conversion of the investment Fund from existing investors (coming soon) on BILLCRYPT

4th quarter of 2018
Constant work on projects and economic systems WhitePaper V. 1 Development completed Create project website. October 18-the final stage of the previous opening begins. Price 1BILC = 0.6. Minimum to buy 10 000 BILC = 6 000 $. November 16-the first sale is opened (application acceptance). Price 1BILC = 0.75 dollars. Minimum to buy 20 000 BILC = 15 000 dollars

The first quarter of 2019
Design process modeling; Introduce terms and concepts of BR and ViP; Create innovative economic models; WhitePaper V. 2; Negotiations with institutional investors.

2nd quarter 2019
Expansion of BR concept; Modeling of system processes; Introduce terminology and concepts of IVO (Initial software); WhitePaper V. 3; Localization of languages (French, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.). Marketing, PR and advertising before the token sale; Communication with the main data of the project on the world of electronic money; Negotiations with institutional investors.

3rd quarter 2019
ITO starts on July 3, 2012. 13:15 UTC Cost 1 BILC = $ 1. Application for exchange. Fill ITO 30.09.2019 05:03 UTC or when the cover is heavy. Full distribution of the BILC. Exchange list

4th quarter 2019
Platform development, infrastructure, design, layout, MVP; platform Integration with external resources; Billcrypt exchange operation launched; BILLCRYPT economic development

First quarter of 2020
Launch the BR test on the platform; VIP Testing; Increase market presence;

2nd quarter of 2020
The complexity of the work on the economic and technical development of the platform; testing time for BR & ViP

3 quarter 2020
Run all the functions of the platform; the launch of the BR with the basic functions; Run IVO (Initial collateral); to Begin on the basis of joint projects; to Begin closing before the sale of joint projects from the pool;

.Q4 2020
Full-featured run BR; a Complex solution; to Start joint projects before the sale; Start partnership projects ICO
2021 onwards

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Sesame Token Is A Blockchain Ecosystem, Architecturally Designed To Create The Most Socialized Global Food Delivery Marketplace, Developed Collaboratively, Using The Blockchain Technology.

Decentralized Social Food Network Powered by Blockchain

Sesame Token – is a Blockchain Ecosystem, architecturally designed to create a most Socialized Global Food Delivery Marketplace, developed collaboratively, using the blockchain technology


.Development concept
sesame token concepts represents an easily scalable feature-rich platform that complements services provided by the traditional financial, legal, insurance and logistical institutions, and expands and enhances their capabilities, providing ways for additional cooperation between the platform and traditional businesses.

Sesame token will provide a peer-to-peer network of associated nodes based on Ethereum blockchain. Each node stores a complete copy of the sesame token blockchain. These nodes are provided in the architecture of a private, as well as an open blockchain structure to maximize the protection against unauthorized modification of data.

.Safe And Secure
All transactions are secured, accountable and traceable. In addition, using smart contracts, all buyers/sellers can negotiate deals and receive timely payments to improve their cash flow cycles.

What is Sesame Token ?

.Open-source Blockchain technology

Sesame token provides on-demand food delivery services for clients through the decentralized blockchain technology. As such, it has eliminated the need for third-party providers needed in the conventional ways of offering on-demand food services. Sesame Token aims to create a platform not only for customers to access instant food deliveries but for restaurants and couriers to have direct transactions.


Increase Reliability: Food on demand, custom delivery, complaints, delays, shipping, orders, and / or food is wrong. In the same way, there are no customers who support marketing, even more so. That is, it is automatic and automatically repeated if we are not forced to work with them.

Increase Efficiency: Even with a 25% -30% standard market marketing, most businesses are compared by using Lock, using services to increase service and service to make intelligence in (Al) and make learning (ML) on block blocks. Robots are used to maintain excessive policy. but without risk and spam.



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What is XendBit?

XendBit is a decentralized block chain for wire transfer, payment, aid payment, value storage and credit.
The central exchange rate is vulnerable to internal and external security risks. The XendBit wallet uses bank-approved KYC and is being developed as an exchange.
XendBit will be a platform to enable new blockchain-based financial services that take advantage of new opportunities offered by the block chain ecosystem, such as smart blocks, ICOs, crypto credits, venture finance and digital identities, certificate registration, and coinning to power electrical identities. authentication services.

XendBit Services
XendBit is a completely decentralized blockchain platform that allows users to trade safely and securely without risking customer funds.

Instant crypto currencies and instant value transfer in any currency anywhere in the world via instant placements.
Utilize block chaining technology to strengthen and deliver grants through transparent, invariant, and cryptographic processes.
Application of blockchain technology for financial inclusion with credit access after account creation.


Unlike most centralized global exchanges, XendBit is the first decentralized digital asset exchange that focuses on Africa.
Reduced Transaction Cost
XendBit has the Xendcoin feature that is unique to XendBit DEX. Xendcoin-based transactions will incur lower fees.
Localized Tether Coins
As P2P trading becomes more streamlined, traders can trade and trade faster than bank transfers or foreign TetherCoins.
Easy Bank Integration
The XendBit blockchain platform can be integrated with many banks in Africa and including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda.
Smart Identity
Building an identity in the block chain can give individuals greater control over who has access to their personal information. Through the block chain, identities can become globally accessible, providing greater transparency for service providers such as financial services, charities, donors, donors and sponsors. A Blockchain-approved identity also addresses the challenges of provenance, authentication and reconciliation that are met by many industries. Xend Smart ID is a DApp that allows the use of blockchain in areas such as digital IDs, banking, passport, e-housing, birth certificates; wedding certificates and online identities.
The Xend Smart ID Card provides a convenient way for individuals to make micro payments through an embedded RFID that stores a two-word encrypted private key of the Xend wallet.
Smart Nodes
Smart nodes are block chain nodes that require KYC registration of the node owners, so that the nodes operate in a semi-permissive mode with incentives (harvest). Smart nodes are associated with a registered and verified XendBit wallet to prevent a 51% attack probability on the block chain network.
Smart nodes will be further protected by a specially crafted Linux Operating System (OS) Live view that includes uniquely selected applications, tools, and packages with zero security vulnerabilities to maximize OS security.
Smart Java Beans
SJBs are based on the concept of java kernels, originally designed by James Gosling, which can be run in the NXT block chain. SJBs intelligent intelligent contract design is also taken from the principles of digital circuit design, flexibility, scale and security lessons.
SJBs should follow appropriate naming conventions. For example, methods that must return a value must start with ‘get’, for example ‘public long getAccountBalance (). There are 0 costs for executing such methods and do not affect the status of the SJB in the block chain.
Xend dApps Platformu
The Xend dApps platform naturally uses Java technology scalability to handle high throughput. Often, it is known to block dApps networks, with higher throughput leading to slower processing times and inflated charges, as seen on other popular dApps based blockchain platforms. Examples of Xend dApps include XendCash for transfer, XendAid for transparent and more efficient aid payments, and future XendCredit for financial participation.
Initially, NXT presented a powerful blockchain with a powerful set of features as a leading 2nd generation blockchain. Although NXT does not primarily support smart contracts, it was added as part of Jerulda’s lightweight contracts application. However, it is noteworthy that the XendBit team is able to make smart contracts alongside Jerulda’s current initiative.

  • Token Symbol: XTN
  • Tokens for sale: 100,000,000
  • Token Price: 0.20 USD
  • Special Features: XEND Token
  • Maximum roaming source: 200,000,000
Token distribution

Token Allocation

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ZEUX – The First Crypto Mobile Payment and Investment Application

ZEUX is an official account service provider (AISP) and payment initiation service provider (PISP) ​​on PSD2. The ZEUX application will collect all account information and display it in a convenient user panel, which will be able to see the rest of all the different accounts and perform monetary tasks for all of these accounts.


ZEUX will act as an aggregator and implement investment products with available investment products and details listed in the application.
Because the ZEUX platform is an integrated system, this platform provides an excellent image of users’ financial activities. Therefore, the ZEUX platform will use AI and data analytics to recommend suitable and targeted investment objects based on investment preferences, financial profiles, risk appetite, and all other monetary information captured by the ZEUX platform.
Using the ZEUX application, customers can instruct the ZEUX platform to open the latest investment account with the right asset management provider. The ZEUX application will provide insight into consumers’ investment portfolios with psychiatry about investment actions and risk indicators.

ZEUX will provide a solution that offers a platform that offers a platform that gives you access to each of your financial products. ZEUX uses block technology that is safe, decentralized, distributed and provides its own digital money to facilitate opening and transactions that are safe, unchanged, open. This will be fast, safe, comfortable and reliable.
Secure controls: by creating your own data warehouse and user account, each user will receive a private private key
Zeux platform developers focus on using all the unique blockchain features, hackers are barely able to sabotage or steal user information and assets.
This project uses PSD2, a platform to help collect customer transaction data, if a problem arises, it will be resolved quickly, reducing stagnation for customers to use.
The Zeux platform provides access to a number of safe and promising investment websites for users to generate revenue.
Make cash transactions and profit with almost zero commissions
Zeux helps transfer money quickly and easily between fiat and crypto, you don’t need to go through an intermediary to solve problems.
With partners, COBINHOOD has experience in exchanging for qualifications to develop Zeux as a global financial solution through smart phones.
Zeux is currently authorized as an FCA EMD agent, they have a license to prove the activities of electronic organizations.
Zeux uses ZeuxCoin to make system fees, by maintaining it you can enjoy all token payments, investment discounts, and quick access to safe KYC services. Zeux also gives incentive gift customers and events to hold their coins.


Encryption of Personal Data

  • Encrypted personal data for the KYC (Know Your Customer) process is stored in the Personal Data Warehouse.
  • KYC verification history is stored in the blockchain using hashes.
  • Private keys are stored on the customer’s cellphone and are controlled by the customer.

Bank Level Security

  • The Zeux technology team has extensive industry experience in system security in financial services and in-depth knowledge on the blockchain.
  • Zeux uses multilayered security measures to ensure the safety and security of the system.


  • PSD2, also known as Open Banking, supports the main Zeux offer.
  • It provides a regulated platform from which we can obtain customer data to process financial services.
  • The features ultimately make it easier and more convenient to make payments and reduce delays for our customers.


  • Zeux adheres to strict financial rules and regulations to ensure the security and security of transactions and financial data of our customers.
  • Zeux is currently authorized as an EMD agent by the FCA, which gives him permission to conduct electronic money agency activities.


By holding ZeuxCoin, you can enjoy cashback on all crypto payments, get your crypto investment fee discounts and instant access to your secure KYC services. Zeux also gives our customers a gift that encourages active management and tracking of their assets and investments.
ICO details
• Token Symbol – ZUC
• Token Type – Utility Token
• Further Token Token – No
• Accepted Currency – BTC and ETH
Fund distribution
• User Acquisition process costs – 20%
• Technology development – 20%
• Compliance and licensing – 20%
• Exchange listing fees – 10%
• Marketing – 10%
• Infrastructure – 5%
• Business development – 5%
• Operational staff – 5%
• other costs – 5%
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Reddit: user / ZeuxApp

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Ethershift Token Ethershift

Tokens are ERC20 tokens, which represent 50% of the gross costs collected by Ethershift. Each transaction made on one of the
Ethershift products is 5%. The system automatically calculates the
gross costs collected by Ethershift after gas, and divides them into 2 wallets.
The use of BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology in this modern era is the best curtain of innovation. Blockchain technology has been implemented in various areas and areas such as finance, health, agriculture and education. At the beginning of the year, at the beginning of the year, a meeting was held with people who participated in the meetings that took place last year in the ETHERSHIFT at the end of the year, at the beginning of the year.
Cryptocurrency applications worldwide were lacking due to some setbacks. Decentralized stock market platform where people can easily convert their cryptocurrency. As I mentioned earlier, the chaos of the global exchange platform before the introduction of cryptocurrency gave many violations for all of them. This prompted ETHERSHIFT to introduce a new decentralized exchange.
Among the problems focused on Borsen’s face are:
Lack of transparency
Safety security
Have you ever had to trade on a platform for exchange with little or no reasonable trading costs, do not imagine that you have ever traded with a security system free of hacks in the stock market, have you ever imagined yourself as a cave trading with the exchange and fast process. ETHERSHIFT dies from answering all these questions
before the initial exchange of cryptography ETHERSHIFT, handlers have regular problems with cryptographic exchange with everyone as a result of hacks and uncertainty, handlers often lose money on some central exchanges.
More problems usually encountered by handlers, and slow confirmation and latency in transaction processing. This problem is a big problem in the trading room, because traders do not have time to wait until their payment payments are fully betting due to the high volatility. ETHERSHIFT platform with handlers. They don’t need to worry about security and remove their tokens.
Other issues related to a centralized exchange platform are still high trading costs Lack of transparency. These problems have become the next big problem in the cryptocurrency trade sector, where the ETHERSHIFT platform has recognized this and is ready to provide permanent solutions for them. Most centralized platforms always charge high transaction costs, which corresponds to the advantages of handlers. This means that all traders of the trading platforms use in the name of trade and transaction fees, handlers are not always happy with this problem.
Crypto exchange entries were a problem for most other projects, because high commissions are levied on centralized exchange platforms that are usually not available to project developers. In addition to the question of the cost of quotations, the centralized stock exchange indicates more time to register erc20 in the stock market and, indeed, to the name of the evaluation and reading confirmation.
With the decentralized exchange of ETHERSHIFT, you don’t need to worry about the cost of listing high-level project developers and being back on their list of projects. Decentralization means the automation of a technological platform. Complete with BLOCKCHAIN, which is welcomed by the development
This TOKEN ETHERSHIFT data is an erc20 token on the ETHERSHIFT platform, because the form of incentives and transaction costs for owners and processors is used on platform A. The EtherShift platform has the function of burning tokens in Hollywood to reduce the number of tokens in circulation and increase the value of the token that supports persistence tokens
This is the erc20 token that will be used on the ETHERSHIFT platform as a form of transaction costs and incentives for holders and traders on the platform. The Ethershift platform introduced token functions to help reduce tokens in circulation and increase the value of tokens that will stimulate tokens.
Total token = 15>
000 000 9 000 000 Mark for available 3
000 000 people, dedicated to the marketing, promotion, distribution, Bounty, Advisers 3,000,000
allocated to team members
Hardcap => 2500 Ether
Main Stage 1: 5 – November 18, 2018.
The main stages of sales: December 3 – 16, 2018


road map

For more information, please follow the link below.
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IRONX – Best in Crypto, Best in Trading, World-Class Exchange

Hallo allemaal verwelkomen u terug naar blogs. Vandaag wil ik een heel potentieel project introduceren dat IRONX EXCHANGE is

Elektronische geldtransacties erkennen een essentieel onderdeel van de grote weg van elektronische financiering. Dit is waar individuen andere valuta kunnen coderen voor modernisering van contanten of fiat-valuta’s zoals Amerikaanse dollars of euro’s. Deze deals hebben betrekking op kopers en verkopers en brengen kosten in rekening voor elke ruil. In principe zijn er twee soorten transacties; Gecombineerde transacties en transacties zijn gedelegeerd / vertakt. Cross-over transacties worden bijvoorbeeld beoordeeld als gelieerde partners als deelnemende dealers op hun podium.

Ze gaan vaak door als een basisonderdeel van contact voor nieuwkomers die gebogen zijn met contante uitwisselingen in hun visie op een eenvoudig te gebruiken interface en levendig in hun activiteiten. De taak van een verenigde handel is duidelijk en georganiseerd en een categorische schatting maakt dit systeem geclassificeerd. Niet op het kleinste niveau, zoals toetredingstransacties, gedecentraliseerde accessoires.

Transacties zijn betrokken, ongeacht of ze met risicovolle winkels werken, zoals onbeveiligde downtime en uitvaltijd van de beveiliging, evenals een betere bescherming van de klant. Gedelegeerde transacties vereisen geen enkele representatie van het karakter, evenzo verschijnen beveiligingsproblemen zoals de revisie van hiërarchieën. Transacties hebben geen geld voor klanten, maar klanten zijn speciaal verbonden, wat suggereert dat u de beveiliging van uw voorgecodeerde transacties niet hoeft te benadrukken. Bij elk klantpakket onderzoekt u het gebruik van gedecentraliseerde handel op een manier waarbij consistente transacties de liquiditeit hebben verminderd, waardoor verschillen in transacties in verband met deze lijnen worden weergegeven.

Hier zou ik willen praten over het IRONX EXCHANGE-project. Het project floreert boven de wereld

IronFX, opgericht in 2010, is het bekroonde toonaangevende wereldwijde online forex handelsmerk, met 10 handelsplatforms en meer dan 200 verhandelbare instrumenten. IronFX bedient retail- en institutionele klanten uit meer dan 180 landen in Europa, Azië, het Midden-Oosten, Afrika en Latijns-Amerika en biedt ondersteuning in meer dan 30 verschillende talen. De Groep is geautoriseerd en gereguleerd door de vier vooraanstaande toezichthouders in de FX-wereld, FCA (VK), ASIC (Australië), FSCA (Zuid-Afrika) en CySEC (Cyprus)

EmurgoHK, een wereldleider in blockchaintechnologie, is opgericht in 2017 en is de venture builder voor het Cardano blockchain-protocol en de enorm succesvolle native cryptocurrency, de ADA-munt. EmurgoHK is gevestigd in een van ‘s werelds meest dynamische zakelijke hubs, Hong Kong, en perfect gepositioneerd tussen Noordoost- en Zuidoost-Azië en verspreidt het revolutionaire Cardano-protocol over de Pacific Rim.


Volledig gereguleerd

De Groep streeft actief naar een vergunning en wordt correct gereguleerd. Op dit moment heeft het een FIU-licentie in Estland, maar zal het actief licenties blijven nastreven in andere belangrijke jurisdicties. In dit opzicht overweegt de groep zowel Gibraltar als Malta.

Bestaande klantenbasis

IronX wordt gebouwd met onze 1,2 miljoen bestaande retailklanten van IronFX Group en 150.000 Cardano-volgers in gedachten, waardoor we toegang hebben tot een enorme liquiditeitspool

FIAT en CRYPTO Financiering
Ons platform zal een volledig assortiment van traditionele FIAT- en CRYPTO-portefeuillefinancieringsopties bieden

24/7 ondersteuning

IronX zal de eerste uitwisseling zijn die niet alleen 24/7 ondersteuning biedt, maar ook in de taal die onze gebruikers spreken, aangepast aan hun behoeften.

Wat is een veilig handelsplatform?

Onze visie

Onze visie is om een crypto-uitwisseling te creëren die is gemaakt met de traditionele handelaar in gedachten. Daarom hebben we het beste in de traditionele handel samengevoegd van IronFX, met de beste in crypto EmurgoHK, om een crypto-uitwisseling van wereldklasse te creëren.

We willen dat onze exchange de diensten biedt die traders gewend zijn, en ze combineren met de voordelen van handelen in de crypto-valutamarkt. We willen ook crypto-traders introduceren voor de voordelen die traditionele handel biedt.

Naadloos mengen

De IronX Exchange is van plan om klanten toe te staan hun bestaande crypto-accounts en cryptocurrencies van IronX Exchange te gebruiken om naadloos te migreren of (gedeeltelijke of volledige) posities / exposure naar het online handelsplatform van de IronFX Group te verplaatsen op een efficiënte, snelle en kosteloze manier, via het gebruik van gemeenschappelijke backoffice backbone en de beste bank- en betaalmethoden die beschikbaar zijn door de IronFX Group. Daarnaast zal de bestaande opgebouwde ervaring met betrekking tot risicobeheer, accountbeheer en compliancebeheer worden gebruikt als een naadloze brug die dit proces vergemakkelijkt voor het verplaatsen van posities / posities van cryptocurrencies in traditionele online handel.


Het IRX ERC-20 Utility-token dient als hoofdtoken in de IronX Exchange en ondersteunt het gebruik van het systeem. Vergoedingen betaald in IRX-tokens zullen een korting hebben, wat frequente handelaren ertoe aanzet om IRX te gebruiken voor alle vergoedingen en transacties.

Houders van IRX-tokens profiteren ook op verschillende manieren. Op basis van holdingniveaus zullen ze recht hebben op aanvullende diensten en incentives voor het ecosysteem van IronX – IronFX Group.

De publieke token-verkoop staat open voor alle potentiële bijdragers, met uitzondering van burgers uit de volgende landen: Verenigde Staten van Amerika, Cyprus, Birma, Cuba, Iran, Noord-Korea, Syrië, de Krim, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Soedan, Ecuador , Egypte, Kirgizië, Marokko en Namibië.





Dit is een zeer potentieel handelsplatform. Kijk naar de vloerinterface om de focus op het project te zien.
enthousiaste ondersteuning
Hoge beveiliging
Veilige, snelle, gemakkelijke transactie
Mooie interface
Agile projectteam
Veel grote investeerders

Met de bovenstaande gegevens kunt u vertrouwen op uitwisseling met deze IRONX-vloer. Dank je
Voor meer informatie contacteer:







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I would be lying If I told you a betting ICO is a rare thing, actually there are many out there. And even many post-ico betting projects are available. But still, there is something that makes Betform unique; social aspects of it. This is a peer to peer gaming platform. The description on their site reminded me of Xbox Live. You can invite your friends to a table, you can join them and even making new friends is a possibility on this platform. We are in the age of social networks, so creating a betting platform with social dynamics in mind is a pretty decent idea.

They have an MVP available already: Checking out their MVP is a must for everyone interested in the Betform project. I created an account easily, inside the MVP 3 games welcomed me. Daily rewards, leagues, friends, shops were the sections at the interface. You get to choose designs for your avatar, dealer, table and carpet. This is just the version 0.1 and there is room for growth no doubt.

Thanks to smart contracts, the operation of Betform is transparent and secure. They say their platform is regulated by licensing jurisdiction and their PRNG is tested and certified by a reputable test lab. Social and secure are pretty positive things to say about a betting platform and Betform is likely to achieve this.

Betform ICO Whitepaper =

Betform ICO Website =

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*Disclaimer: None of this information is intended to be financial advice. This article shows my personal opinion and I advise everyone to do their own research.

BiPS payment instrument, for the sole purpose of building the BiPS network and community.

BiPS utility tokens are issued as payment instruments, for the sole purpose of building the BiPS network and community. The acqusition of a BiPS Token is not an investment in the company or security.
BiPS is cryptocurrency, which is basically digital money. Cryptocurrency is not recognized by the government or the laws of the country that issued it and is not classified as genuine (local) currency. Transactions made with this currency are generally anonymous, safe and cheaper than traditional bank-based contracts.

What is the Utility Token Offer?

The offer of utility tokens is the first opportunity available to participate in the formation of cryptocurrency and the newly launched community.
This initial offer is available with potential incentives and awards and tokens can only be purchased with other digital currencies. The offer will have restrictions placed when the currency can be used or exchanged.

Is the Utility Token Offer regulated?

The offer of utility tokens is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It must be understood that there is a high risk involved with this currency.

What is a digital wallet?

Digital wallets do not store physical currency. The purpose of a digital wallet is to track your cryptocurrency balance. This is also the key to how you send and receive cryptocurrency.
All digital wallets have private keys and public keys. A private key is a unique number that allows you to access your wallet and start transactions on the network. A public key is a number that you share with other people so they can see your wallet and send funds to you.

About BiPS

. BiPS Tokens are new digital currencies, which when alive, will be supported by Property and Assets and the press refers to the type of Token as an Asset Token. After the Asset Token and platform go public, BiPS Tokens will be sold in an orderly manner to create stability and value for BiPS Token holders.
Unlike other digital currencies that have very little behind them, the BiPS network will have cash, property and debt instruments guaranteed to create stability and liquidity together supported by the following four elements: Security (a proven regulated platform); Trust (our team); Regulations (Authorized by The FCA); Privacy (Blockchain anonymity through smart contracts).
BiPS tokens are NOT crypto coins. Crypto coins are intended to be merely a form of payment or exchange at the time and transaction of Bitcoin. We strive to bring trust to the crypto world, by creating the underlying value in BiPS Tokens.
When tokens are used as payments or exchanges, trading is not only in the public blockchain ledger, but the network will have underlying resources and real-world stores of values ​​such as property and other assets. 85% of the world’s population has minimal access to security and financial freedom. With a decentralized blockchain and BiPS Tokens that can change well.
Goal of BiPS

we allow us to build a truly useful and highly profitable investment model, which will enable us to receive high returns with minimal risk. We believe that BiPS Software will be the most popular investment platform. Join our team and achieve success with BiPS.
About BiPS
. BiPS Tokens are new digital currencies, which when alive, will be supported by Property and Assets and the press refers to the type of Token as an Asset Token. After the Asset Token and platform go public, BiPS Tokens will be sold in an orderly manner to create stability and value for BiPS Token holders.
Unlike other digital currencies that have very little behind them, the BiPS network will have cash, property and debt instruments guaranteed to create stability and liquidity together supported by the following four elements: Security (a proven regulated platform); Trust (our team); Regulations (Authorized by The FCA); Privacy (Blockchain anonymity through smart contracts).
BiPS tokens are NOT crypto coins. Crypto coins are intended to be merely a form of payment or exchange at the time and transaction of Bitcoin. We strive to bring trust to the crypto world, by creating the underlying value in BiPS Tokens.
When tokens are used as payments or exchanges, trading is not only in the public blockchain ledger, but the network will have underlying resources and real-world stores of values ​​such as property and other assets. 85% of the world’s population has minimal access to security and financial freedom. With a decentralized blockchain and BiPS Tokens that can change well.

The main problem

Cryptocurrency has many advantages over the local government currency. The main benefit is their ability to function and operate without a single point of failure, which hackers can target.
A traditional bank generally has a computer-based recording system which is the only point of contact for decisions in organizations. While this system may contain many individual computers, basically one group. A decentralized system, through the blockchain, removes that single entity and instead distributes it to a number of ‘decision makers’ who must approve the transaction before it can occur.
This decentralization allows more privacy because information does not pass through a single entity. Spreading data to many points makes it more difficult to track information. If you are looking for ways to protect your online identity and information, decentralization is that.


We aim to bring trust to the crypto world by creating the underlying value in BiPS Tokens.

About Moneybrain

Moneybrain Ltd is a trusted holder and administrator for cash and assets obtained on behalf of the BiPS Token holder. This trusted holder is known as a custodian. Custodians are financial institutions that hold assets for safekeeping to minimize their theft or loss. Moneybrain Ltd, as a regulated business FCA will try to ensure that funds are stored in a separate client account when needed. was founded in September 2000. The idea of ​​Lee Birkett, an online business focused on annoying fintech. The next stage of its development is to bring the peer-to-peer (P2P) technology developed by Lee’s team to the world through the blockchain to build a financial system that is open and more equitable for all.

The security offered by the blockchain protocol allows us to create tokens that can be used to send, store or borrow.
The team has successfully built and currently operates a fully regulated P2P retail loan and savings platform in the UK.
Anonymity will be supported by blockchain smart contracts.
Based on standard data protection protection standards (GDPR), United Kingdom Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) Protocols, we will significantly increase global access, operational efficiency, and market liquidity for assets that are not currently elevated, such as Property and Debt Instruments.
BiPS Token Information
1. Token beeps
2. Platform Ethereum
3. Type ERC20
4. Price at ICO 0,0000 USD
5. Tokens sold 50,000,000


1. PRA SALES – NOV 50%
2. PRE SALE – DEC 25%
3. PRE SALE – JAN 10%


1. Min. investation 0.1 ETH
2. Receive ETH
3. Distributed at ICO 10%
5. PRE-SALE HARDCAP (BIPS) 50,000,000
6. PRICE BIPS £ 0,10 GBP


JustUs receives full FCA authorization

The JustUs apply to FCA regulation sandboxes to include JustUs Home Financial Products (P2P Residential Mortgages) as new products.

MARCH 2018
Global Digital Finance (GDF) was formed as a global non-profit industry body that encouraged the acceleration and adoption of digital financial technology for the next digital trade era.

APRIL 2018
The initial discussion about the feasibility of bringing a new, stable, cryptocurrency to the market was carried out.

JustUs response to FCA CP 18/20 3 months Crowdfunding Consultation is submitted.

The Moneybrain BiPS team supports the UK Government’s final Cryptotaskforce report.

GDF released a Code of Conduct to push global industry standards in crypto assets.

Personal pre-sale of the BiPS utility token begins.

General sale of BiPS Asset Tokens.

APRIL 2019
Direct date platform & Start trading Biography Tokens.

JULY 2019
The Global PR Roll-out starts.

The BiPS network is developing globally and acquiring assets to maintain network stability and liquidity in full flow.

For BiPS
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Bluenote The building is the largest contributor to climate change, due to energy consumption which accounts for about 33% of the world’s climate change greenhouse gas. Fortunately, all buildings can reduce the amount of energy used by smart management, data mining, introduction of advanced energy technology. These upgrades can make the building more useful. Bluenote launches the open data platform and purchases buildings that accurately indicate the way to reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions, increase building value and zero-emission world.

About Bluenote

Buildings are the largest single contributor to climate change because of the energy they consume, emitting about 33% of the world’s climate change greenhouse gasses. Luckily, every building can reduce the amount of energy it uses through smart management, data mining, and by installing advanced energy technologies. These upgrades can even make the building more valuable because they make the building more profitable. Bluenote will launch an open data platform and buy buildings to show exactly how a decrease in energy use, leads to decreased emissions, more valuable buildings, and the path to a zero emission world.
Token Details
Company Details
Registered Country
May 1, 2018
May 1, 2019
62% completed
Raised Funds – No Data
Privat sale
Feb, 2018
Apr, 2018
100% completed
Raised Funds – No Data

April, 2018
May, 2018
June, 2018
July, 2018
August, 2018
September, 2018
October, 2018
November, 2018
December, 2018
Facebook Per 30 Days
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7 710
Fake Users Detected:
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Alexa Per 30 Days
Verified 0%
Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team
Energy and business models
Energy and innovation policy
Community management
Technology development
FinanceQuintus Abeln – Legal & Board Member
Blockchain Strategy & Board Member

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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team
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Crypto Market Cloud: the first and only spontaneous ecosystem

As a result of our cryptocurrencies, our investments, purchases and many other transactions have begun to be satisfied through these currencies. However, regardless of what we know about these areas and currencies, we can not actively involve ourselves or progress in any way because we can not feel secure in terms of investments and other issues. In today’s article, I would like to mention the Crypto Market Cloud platform designed for people who have problems with their investments and cryptocurrencies and shyness in these areas due to the obstacles mentioned above.

What is Crypto Market Cloud? What are the benefits?
Crypto cloud market platform designed using technology plus the chain lock, which is a pioneer in the provision of security measures in various high-level pre-crypto currency exchange, the self-control system is offered as the first platform with it.

Crypto Market Cloud already has an encryption technology, IC, block chain and a system already in progress in this field. During the next process, the Crypto Market Cloud platform is based on the benefits of a mass-financing application that can bring together the cryptocurrency, the investor and the entrepreneur to avoid losing future investments. As a platform operating system, it has built a self-sufficient system that allows smart contracts to function flawlessly. Separate social applications are offered together for you.

The Crypto Market Cloud platform offers you all the services you can and does not force you to make great promises. Therefore, the team does not focus on past losses and conducts various analyzes on future investments and protects your investments. The Crypto Market Cloud platform has shifted investment transactions from many traditional areas of investment, such as the crypto, to a large extent in terms of the rate of supply offered to the public and has made it possible to recognize important gains in advance.

The Crypto Market Cloud project was designed in general for three purposes;
  • Provide a peer-to-peer service in which block chain technology is used and in which participation is made up of an individual majority.
  • Provide the public with high-level Crypto Market Cloud services, providing a public service, with easy access by each participant.
  • Create an ecosystem that allows people who have no knowledge in this area to easily execute transactions and earn money and manage in a decentralized structure, smart contracts and self-control using their own currency in Crypto Market Cloud services.

Road map

Information on ICO and token
Crypto Crypto cloud market platform official token unit market to be used in the cloud platform and is designed for decentralized implementation vision. The Crypto Market Cloud Token service reduces costs by up to 50%, allowing participants to perform less expensive transactions in the encrypted market. Still with Crypto Market Cloud Tokens, they aim to create exchange rates with Tokens, increasing operational power. In addition, the token owner reserves the right to change and the platform through the old token’lerinin will give you the ability to replace it with another token unit.
  • Token type: ERC -20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total token amount: 120,000,000
  • Amount of tokens to sell: 70,000,000
  • Presale price: 1 ETH = 480 CMC
  • ICO price: 1 ETH = 377 CMC
  • Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC

In general, the platform and features taken into consideration, both with safe and sound investment operations, have no experience of all individuals if they have experience in this field able to perform the cryptographic field. It provides the opportunities for encryption exchange, general characteristics of the underlying platform, the skills of the team members and this area in improving the knowledge and the superior skills they have and in detail with the many features it contains can also be accessed from the white paper to deal with the future higher level how to anticipate our possible a platform. Do not miss this ICO investment opportunity. Also, do not forget to do your job before investing in the project.
Do not forget to visit the links below to follow the project closely, to actively participate in the project and obtain detailed information.
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